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Unconventional galleries from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Unusual themes and unusual settings characterize these Eastern European exhibition spaces. Join us and find out what the ‘gallery’ name can cover!

Budapest Poster Gallery | Hungary

The gallery, founded in 2010, focuses on twentieth-century Hungarian and international art. Its offer is unique in its kind: featuring original posters, poster designs and many other types of artworks, the Budapest Poster Gallery is the only place dedicated exclusively to original Hungarian posters and commercial graphics, where you can buy and discover the works of the most outstanding Hungarian poster artists.

Křehký | Czech Republic

The name Křehký stands not only for a well-known brand but also for a gallery. But here, instead of fine art, you’ll find custom-designed porcelain and glassware. It was founded in 2010 by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek with the lofty aim of passing on a centuries-old tradition of Czech arts and crafts. In their curated selection, through exhibitions and their own object collections, we can explore the relationship between contemporary art and design.

PAIKKA | Hungary

PAIKKA is a Hungarian initiative that provides a real platform for artists and groups of artists to explore and question issues such as cyberspace, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. By including and thematizing exciting projects that explore the relationship between humans and technology.

TransformArt Gallery | Serbia

What makes the TransformArt Gallery special is that it is made by artists for artists. Through colorful programs and opportunities, they provide a space and a home for reflection and discourse, with the intention of creating the foundations of a community.

LUMAS Budapest | Hungary

Along with the historical sights in the center of Pest, the LUMAS gallery is also worth a visit. Attracting not only tourists but also collectors and curators, the international gallery network aims to make high-quality photography accessible to a broad audience under the slogan “Art for all”. They do this by taking advantage of the gap between fine art photography and museum prints.

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LUMAS Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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