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What we’re watching | The Hype&Hyper team’s favorite YouTube channels

When we came up with the idea of sharing our favorite YouTube channels without defining a theme, we already knew that we’d definitely have a diverse selection. However, the channels we chose turned out to be even more varied and exciting than we anticipated, so we’re happy to share! Our selection includes the topics of interior design, lifestyle, photography, incredible human stories—and even retro technologies. It all adds up to be particularly relevant as we’re just coming to the end of our DIALOG thematic month, where we explored the relationship between the analog and digital spheres of our lives, both in everyday life and in the arts. What else is able to bring these worlds together so perfectly, besides sharing videos?

Soft White Underbelly

Mark Laita, Los Angeles-based commercial photographer, is the mind behind the award-winning—although at times controversial—YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly. The channel focuses on people often invisible in society, such as the homeless, sex workers, substance users, criminals, and the poor and sick. The subjects of these videos reveal amazing human stories that you would never expect to find behind the stereotypes attached to them. Unobtrusively, these human fates encourage empathy, humility and acceptance in the viewers. It’s definitely worth stepping outside of your own comfort zone at times, so make sure you subscribe!

Sári Győri, Social Media Manager

Never Too Small

With the videos of Never Too Small, I practically get into a meditative state while watching how they can create magic in spaces just 30-50 square meters large. This is of course enhanced by the visuals and the whole vibe of the videos, as they renovate the apartments in an overall minimalist style, with a soft chill beat playing in the background.

Orsi Gyöngy, Editor-in-Chief


Each week, the LGR YouTube channel presents technologies that are nowadays classified as retro. Clint Basinger (the channel’s host) assembles everything from old PCs to antique consoles, all by sourcing original parts. Of course, once he’s done with refurbishing, he also tries out his finds, installing old software and games that are now considered classics. If you grew up with a love for computers and gaming, you’ll enjoy this nostalgic channel for sure.

László Bárdos, Founder, Art Director

Leah’s Fieldnotes

24-year-old Leah Wei’s channel is primarily aimed at Generation Z, and her videos revolve around the difficulties of growing up, while we also get to see her on her own path of growing up and coping with this period. I would recommend tuning into her channel—and it’s not just for Generation Z—as she also talks about serious topics like mental illness or the next steps in life, all documented as an honest diary entry. Her videos are both comforting and refreshing in an online world where it’s getting harder and harder to view real-life content.

Angéla Kaufmann, Editor

Willem Verbeeck

Willem Verbeeck’s YouTube channel has long been a favorite of mine. He’s a Belgian photographer living in America, and he documents his travels throughout the states with his Mamiya analog camera. During his road trips, he always visits diverse places and shows the beauty in simple things with his lifescapes.

Dániel Gaál, Photographer

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