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When Eastern bazaars and a minimalist Ukrainian brand meet

An impressive array of fresh Ukrainian brands are popping up on the scene: whether it’s the Bevza project we recently featured or the Gunia project, today we’re looking at a new contender, the minimalist brand Inly.

Designer Inna Grytsyk takes the public on a fascinating journey each season. With her latest collection, La Souk, she takes us to the traditional oriental bazaars of Cairo, which was also the location for the campaign shoot. The colorful aesthetics of the Arab world mixed with the vibrant atmosphere of shopping streets are reinterpreted through the brand’s refined visual language. In addition to the brand’s signature black and white color palette, the garments now feature the shades of typical oriental spices such as turmeric, saffron and sage, as well as dried rose, while the earthy pieces evoke the colors of the North African landscape. Inly’s capsule wardrobe offers a less-is-more approach to travel, with sets that can easily be combined with each other so you can pack light. Loose blouses, blazers, trousers, dresses and midi skirts in natural fabrics are both comfortable and stylish, with the overall look exuding natural confidence.

Although Inly, unlike its Ukrainian counterparts mentioned above, doesn’t place local traditions at its forefront, the importance of keeping craft traditions alive is still present in the brand. For example, in its latest collection, you can find hand-crocheted tops and skirts, with the crocheted pieces imitating the geometric patterns of oriental weaves and kilims. These pieces are made to measure after ordering online.

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