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A zipper to save the planet and boring wardrobes

Recycled, versatile and can be changed at any time—a real revolution in sustainable consumption was proposed in 2019 by the Ukrainian brand NCYZIP. The brand’s concept of making clothes from recycled materials goes against the rules of fast fashion and engages the consumer in the creative process.

On average, every person in Europe throws away thirteen kilograms of clothes a year and that number is growing. Masha and Natasha, the founders of the NCYZIP brand, have decided that they want to change these statistics, with pieces that can change along with your mood, weather or fashion trends.

Masha és Natasha, the founders of the brand
Source: The Village

They created CNSTR, a clothing system whose elements made of different materials can be put together in many ways to form unique garments. Elements made from recycled materials can be assembled and disassembled at any time with the help of zippers, so you can wear a dress, jacket or jumpsuit, put on a hood or another sleeve if you feel like it. The brand aims to use this flexible system to change consumption patterns and make clothes shopping more conscious.

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Source: The Village

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