Eternal retro furniture | TOP 5

Eternal retro furniture | TOP 5

Retro furniture, that is, the iconic room furnishings of the twentieth century, may have never really gone out of fashion: this is also evidenced by the fact that to this day we come across brands such as Daken Studio or Made in Yugoslavia that channel the style of the sixties and eighties to modern needs. In our selection today, we focus on brands, stores and sites whose mission is to preserve a nostalgic sense of life.

Kamorka Workshop | Russia

The creators of Kamorka Workshop can’t get enough of the simple lines and looks of the fifties and eighties, so they make and restore Eastern European furniture at the same time. Most of their products are chests of drawers, sofas and more and more special chairs.

lavish design | Slovakia

The lavish design studio has left its mark on most of the architectural styles of the twentieth century: art deco, Bauhaus and functionalism alternate in their offer. In addition to the furniture, they also have a number of Czechoslovak lamps and accessories in stock.

Nanovo | Czech Republic

We all know that the citadel of retro interior design is the Czech Republic, this is also reflected in the offer of Nanovo. Chests of drawers by Jiri Jiroutek can be found here in any quantity!

hei vintage | Russia

Retro is also raging in Russia: lampshades, trinkets, chests of drawers and other home furnishings are presented in the hei vintage Instagram page, where you can find plenty of inspiring content in addition to the items for sale.

Rex Kralj | Slovenia

The Rex Kralj pays tribute to Slovenian architect Niko Kralj in name, philosophy and style. The main inspiration for the company is Niko Kralj’s defining design, the Rex chair, which inherits the principles of the architect’s humanist design.

Kamorka Workshop | Web | Instagram
lavish design | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Nanovo | Web | Facebook | Instagram
hei vintage | Instagram
Rex Kralj | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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