Extraordinary workspaces in the region | TOP 5 offices

Extraordinary workspaces in the region | TOP 5 offices

For today’s selection, we collected unique office interiors from the region that are guaranteed to unleash your creative energies while working. Retro car, meeting pool and a colorful cavalcade of artworks in the office!

Kurz Architeckti—Office of a communications agency | Czech Republic

The Czech communication agency in the Karlín Palace in Praguemixes antique and modern pieces. The fundamentally industrial vibe is enhanced by bright spots of color and seemingly contrasting elements such as the old piano. An important visual element is also the original cast ceiling and the room divider made of paper tubes.

Two Interior Design Studio—Office of a record company | Russia

The office of the Moscow recording studio can be found in a brick house built in the 1910s, which was the home of a famous Russian artist for thirty years. The colorful and playful design was created by integrating the eclectic layers of the past and respecting the architectural heritage.

Mateusz Baumiller—Warsaw co-working office | Poland

The fusion of the atmosphere of a Parisian loft apartment and socialist-realist primary school dominates the co-working office of Clay.Warsaw. The Warsaw warehouse, built in the 1930s, houses three creative agencies.

Balbek Bureau—Kyiv creative agency office | Ukraine

The extravagant office of the Ukrainian creative agency Banda Agency is located in the historic quarter of Kyiv. They wanted the interior to give employees the impression as if they weren’t even in a workplace so that they could come up with ideas as freely as possible. The extraordinary meeting room made up of a swimming pool and the indoor glass pavilion suitable for retreat, are also the realization of this goal.

MIXD—Joint office of two automotive companies | Poland

The furnishings of the new common office space opened by the Polish companies Codelab and umlaut in Szczecin were inspired by the experience of a journey: gas stations, roadside bars and a retro Fiat 500 can also be found in the space. The goal was to make the workspace experience as enjoyable as traveling in a comfortable car.

Kurz architekti | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Two Interior Design Studio | Web

Balbek Bureau | Web | Instagram | Facebook

MIXD | Facebook | Instagram

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