Fine dining, specialty coffee, juicy wines—in fabulous gardens | TOP 5

Fine dining, specialty coffee, juicy wines—in fabulous gardens | TOP 5

Weather is warming up, which means we can spend more time outdoors. This is also thanks to restaurants and cafés opening their terraces. In our regional selection, we collected places that welcome us with fabulous gardens.

Pajta | Őriszentpéter, Hungary

Besides its amazing landscapes, it’s also worth visiting Őrség for the Pajta fine dining restaurant. It combines traditional local flavors with modern forms, and they often serve self-grown vegetables from their garden as side dishes. What is more, their terrace overlooks beautiful, giant greenery.

Photos: Pajta

Super Tramp Coffee | Prague, Czech Republic

Super Tramp Coffee is quite hidden from the eyes of the passers-by in the streets of Prague, so it’s only for those looking for a specialty coffee shop and bakery. Following the signs through the passageways of various houses, we eventually arrive in a friendly garden where we know we’ve come to the right place. The coffee comes from the Hungarian roaster Casino Mocca.

Photos: Super Tramp Coffee

Dworek A&J hotel and restaurant | Wejherowo, Poland

The historic building of Dworek A&J was built in 1980, and PB STUDIO was responsible for its restoration and extension. Once used as a school, it has been abandoned for a long time and has been completely reconstructed—the hotel now hosts a restaurant and a multifunctional space.

Photos: Jakub Piórkowski

Hiša Denk | Zgornja Kungota, Slovenia

Hiša Denk, designed by Arhitektura AB objekt, has a long history and a good reputation for combining the flavors and aromas of the world with local traditions. The restaurant is both architecturally and culinary outstanding with a carefully designed, impressive garden.

Photos: Matej Lozar

Reisten wine bar | Pavlov, Czech Republic

Almost exactly a year ago, the renovation of the Reisten winery, designed by the ORA architectural studio, was completed: the complex has been extended with a spectacular wine bar and a terrace, fit for a real wine bar, from where you can admire the charming vineyards.

Photos: BoysPlayNice, Reisten

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Super Tramp Coffee | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Dworek A&J hotel and restaurant | Web | Facebook
Hiša Denk | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Reisten wine bar | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Source: ArchDaily

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