From Bátonyterenye Straight to the Runway

From Bátonyterenye Straight to the Runway

We've all heard about fashion's transformative power— in theory. However, the aim of the "Threads of Fate" project is to prove in practice that the world of sustainable fashion can provide breakout opportunities and careers even for the youth in the smallest villages.

The motto of the sustainable fashion studio Pinkponilo's initiative, "Threads of Fate," goes: "Don't let where you're born determine what you're born for." The program's goal is to provide an opportunity for young people in rural villages to explore the fashion industry while unleashing their creativity.
This is realized through a series of local sewing and design workshops, where each participant learns the basics of the trade by creating their own garment.

The program kicked off in Bátonyterenye, Nógrád County, with a series tailored for local youths aged nine to eighteen. The work began with mastering fundamental skills like measurements, pattern drawing, various stitching techniques, and machine sewing. After collaborative efforts on simpler pieces, the youths progressed to designing and sewing their own hoodies. Interestingly, sewing and tailoring were already close to the hearts of the girls in Bátonyterenye, as there was a tailoring workshop in the town until the years following the regime change, where many of their parents and grandparents worked as seamstresses.

"It was incredibly rewarding to witness, throughout the multi-year project, the journey these girls took from tentative first steps to creating their own designer pieces, and how the workshop sparked a potential new career path for many," evaluates Anna Kudron, founder and leader of "Threads of Fate." "In the fashion world, everyone remembers the designers, while sewing often sits at the end of the value chain. Therefore, it's also our aim to restore honor to this profession and to show young people the potential it holds," she adds.

Venturing into New Territories
Supporters of the initiative can now own hoodies designed by the girls of Bátonyterenye! "Threads of Fate" has launched a fundraising campaign to bring the training to as many villages and young people as possible. "We need support because not only organizing travel and training is costly, but materials also come with a price tag," Anna summarizes the campaign's objective. From the target amount, we aim to conduct five workshops from autumn 2024 for one year.

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