HIGHLIGHTS | Apps that serve us

HIGHLIGHTS | Apps that serve us

They are with us day by day, ensuring a smooth run of our everyday lives. In the last decade, their latest versions have been published by the thousands according to the newest trends, allowing their programming and design to become an independent line of business and profession by now. In our current selection, we discuss applications.

In the last ten years, various applications have appeared on the market: many of them ended up in the gutter, but there are also some without which our lives could even turn into chaos. Applications are among the flagships of the digital industrial revolution. Even the biggest social media providers have considered them the small siblings of their desktop versions for a long time, but today, it’s not that clear anymore. App distributors now have to go to much greater lengths for users to press the download button than ever before, but once the software is on their device, it provides a lot more information and functions than a website. Long story short: in certain situations, the development of an application is an investment that pays off only in the long run.

But why is app design such a complex process? Apps are developed by large teams including graphic designers, programmers, sociologists and many other professionals who monitor human behavior to make the application accessible to the widest section of society possible. The now fashionable term of UI/UX design is intended to achieve just that: while designers are working on the User Interface (UI), a team of psychologists, sociologists and advertising professionals are responsible for improving the User Experience (UX). These processes interact with each other, and even though their design requires a lot of time and attention, precise and careful work can even get a company listed on the stock market.

Whether it’s social media or banking, life today would be unimaginable without apps. They have become part of our everyday lives, quietly serving or guiding us in the background. Let’s see the highlights of the week from Russia to Spain!


UI/UX | Smart Pharmacy mobile app | Russia
Anastasia M
Alexandr V


TUPHIE | Skopje, North Macedonia
Nikola Arsovski


UTIME – Aplicación móvil | Spain
Ana María Gil
Luz María Andreu Martínez


SYYNCC | Multicam editing app | Odesa, Ukraine
Alexander Plyuto


DETOX – Gain control over your screen time | Valencia, Spain
Alicia Blasco

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