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(English) ODSD2: a Design Bureau from Ukraine

Good design is like love – difficult to define, but where it exists, no space for hesitation left. You know for sure and feel clearly – here is it, here is something true, something that you would like to keep, to watch and to enjoy. Something similar at least I felt looking at O1 Desk designed by Ukrainian firm ODESD2.
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Ukrán dizájn: A legjobbak

During October 13-17 the exhibition of the annual contest of Ukrainian design, The Very Best Of took place in Kyiv. The contest aims to spread the word about Ukrainian designers and to develop this sector. Particularly, organisers emphasise on the importance of supporting young and student designers. In 2014 works were presented in five categories: graphic, digital, television, industrial and environment design. Here are some interesting pieces from the finalists.

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