HIGHLIGHTS | Endless vacation

HIGHLIGHTS | Endless vacation

We long to be near water, that’s for sure: jumping in the pool, taking a dip in Lake Balaton or just looking at the endless waves we can’t seem to get enough of. Listening to the sound of the water, the ducks quacking, and the crickets near the shore. If we can’t escape the city, we must make do with the cooling mist gates installed in the concrete jungle, the fountains meaning tiny oases, and the cold shower at the end of a tiring day. While the glorious vacations used to land in our lap as gifts when we were kids, as adults, we have to manage our time more smartly, and many times we have to enjoy the things we used to gobble up in tiny portions – Vacation with a capital v is nothing but an illusion now.

We don’t measure summer in months anymore, but in evenings spent on the terrace of bars when we order one more spritzer. In forenoons, when we squeeze a pistachio ice cream in between two meetings. In afternoons, when we deserve an espresso tonic between two Excel sheets. In mornings, when we scroll through Instagram and travel to faraway lands, at least in our heads. Lake, pool, sea, sunscreen, the scent of sand and sludge, bream coated in paprika flour, the sound of a beer can opening, swimsuits drying on the branch of a tree. Endless vacation, in portions – this is what we brought you this week, from Ukraine to Brazil.

Kitti Mayer
design theorist


La Playa Surf House | Málaga, Spain
Jose Manuel Vega


How (not) to behave yourself on a beach | Ukraine
Galochka Ch


Miavana Island Sanctuary Identity | Johannesburg, South Africa
Christo Krüger
Xfacta | Strategy & Creative


ORENDA | Budapest, Hungary
Flying Objects
Luca Patkos


Salmoura | São Paulo, Brazil
Manoela Silva

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