Hotel Budapest on your desk? Absolutely!

Hotel Budapest on your desk? Absolutely!

High-rise buildings reaching to the sky, façades evocative of UFOs and concrete everywhere! Our new collection, SOC/MOD is here, bringing the emblematic structures of the region to life in the form of miniature concrete buildings and prints—and now they are up for grabs! Attention: extra limited quantities!

With our new collection, we pay homage to the modernist buildings erected during socialism. The SOC/MOD set stars landmarks that are most often associated with socialist modernism or the architectural styles of brutalism, and as such, also divide the audience: some adore them, while others simply can’t stand looking at them. However, one thing is sure: they are all inevitable and iconic buildings.

Today, five buildings of the Central Eastern European region debut in our online store in the form of miniature concrete buildings and prints. The deskware items made in extra limited numbers include two buildings from Budapest: Hotel Budapest, a favorite of many, and the Theoretical Block of Semmelweis University.

In addition to buildings in Budapest, the collection also features Czech, Slovak and Ukrainian examples: fans of architecture can get miniature versions of the Spa Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary, the University of Agriculture in Nitra, and The Institute of Information in Kyiv.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll get to learn more about these buildings: the “stars” of our modern architectural heritage will be introduced to the readers by art historian Dániel Kovács (the former Editor-in-chief of Építészfórum). The articles will also shed light on how the “Brazilian style” influenced the young architects working on this side of the Iron Curtain, who are lucky enough to enjoy the unmatched panorama from the 23rd floor of Semmelweis University and which celebrities stayed in Hotel Budapest.

The name of the collection, SOC/MOD, alludes to socialist modernism, and with it, the use of the most characteristic material of the architectural style: concrete.

The concrete buildings and prints were designed by László Bárdos, our colleague and HYPEANDHYPER’s co-founder, while designer Renátó Árpás, who also designed the wooden vehicles of our previous CHROMIEZ collection, was in charge of production preparation.

Click on the building’s name and check it out in the online store!

Hotel Budapest

Theoretical Block of Semmelweis University in Nagyvárad Square, Budapest

The Institute of Information, Kyiv

University of Agriculture, Nitra

Spa Hotel Thermal, Karlovy Vary

Our custom-designed collection made by Hungarian craftsmen is now available in the HYPE store!

Photos: Lilla Liszkay

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