Hungary's first design LAB program debuts its production-ready items

Hungary's first design LAB program debuts its production-ready items

The first design LAB incubation program launched by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency (HFDA) in the spring of 2020 has ended: after a six-month manufacturing process, more than forty production-ready items were born.

There was also a lot of interest in the competition itself and the Speed Dating networking event that preceded the program: forty-three designer-manufacturer partners submitted their applications, seven of whom received financial support to implement their products.

Members of the LOOP family

The LOOP furniture family, created thanks to the cooperation of Árkossy Bútor Kft. and Máté Horváth, consists of twelve unique, innovative products, in the design of which sustainability was also an important aspect.

A possible combination of the modular MATCH sofa family

Varkoly Fiai Kft. and Máté Horváth created the MATCH modular sofa family. One of its special features is its upholstery fabric made of PET bottles and its pillow fillings, which was made of foam waste generated during production.

One of the pieces of the Hommage lamp family

Micro-Licht Studio and Miklós Leits are the creators of the Hommage lamp family. A custom-made reflective disc and the porcelain glaze of the lamps make these luminaires special.

A piece of the Tangens Office family

Rotte Kft. and Sára Kele worked on the development of the Tangens Office Home furniture family. Through their joint work, they have created fifteen different, modularly constructed, dainty pieces of office furniture in a home office style.

TILES chair

Balaton Bútor Kft., complemented by designer Dániel Lakos, manufactured the TILES chair, which is based on a design composed of planes and polygons, and has also been developed to ergonomic perfection.

Pet Flat

Tilia 2002 Bt. and István Ulmann have created a smart dog house that is functional, beautiful and self-supporting at the same time: it is equipped with a solar panel, external and internal cameras and hidden lighting.

BERRI lamp

The starting point for the creation of the BERRI lamp family, designed by the POSITION Collective and implemented by Úri Lux Kft., was portfolio development, and the inspiration came from a plant called snowberry.

The HFDA is working to help display the finished products at exhibitions and design platforms, while organizing the next design LAB incubation program, for which they are already awaiting applications. Find more information at this link.

Photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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Source: Press release

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