Live consciously, plan creatively!

Live consciously, plan creatively!

Fill the Westend logo with creative content to promote sustainability!

Do you ever think about what you take off the store shelves, what you actually need, and what to do with the things that you don’t need any more but are still usable? How can you save resources? What can you do to stop your household waste from becoming just rubbish? What solutions are available to help you live more sustainably?

These are questions that can no longer be ignored today, as we are living in extraordinary times, and perhaps never before have we had so many tools, but also so many challenges for the future. This is the message of Budapest-based shopping center Westend’s Live Consciously! (Élj tudatosan!) campaign, which focuses on three big areas: ending food waste, recycling clothes, and finding digital solutions that can help us be more sustainable in different ways. Throughout October, promotional appeals will be displayed on the mall’s digital and online platforms under the slogan Live Consciously! (Élj tudatosan!). The sub-slogan Consume Consciously! (Fogyassz tudatosan!) calls for action against food waste, while Shop Consciously! (Vásárolj tudatosan) encourages people to donate their surplus items that can be used by others to the ReStore, a dedicated collection point in Westend. Finally, Park Consciously! (Parkolj tudatosan!) encourages visitors to use Westend’s app to at least avoid getting paper receipts if they choose to arrive by car, rather than two-wheelers or public transport.

And as the October campaign is accompanied by a design competition, all creative professionals and self-proclaimed designers are encouraged to apply and add new content to the Westend logo in the spirit of sustainability. The brief is create the most visually striking redesign of the iconic capital W in a way that promotes sustainability, conscious consumption, and paperless parking, all in association with the shopping center.

Applications must be uploaded by the 4th of November to, where the detailed call for entries is also available. The entries will be judged by a prestigious professional jury and the results will be announced on the 17th of November. The jury will be composed of radio and television presenter, art journalist, and auctioneer Nóra Winkler; internationally active artist and member of the MŰTŐ art collective, Nikolett Balázs; and the head of Artkartell, Marcell Pátkai. The first, second, and third prize winners will be receiving Westend gift cards topped up respectively with HUF 300,000, HUF 200,000, and HUF 100,000. In addition to the professional jury, three of Westend’s indoor partners, Desigual, Westend Leroy, and Cinema City Westend, will award special prizes to those they deem the best, and a public online vote will also take place. On the day of the results, an exhibition of the top 40 entries will open in the shopping center, which will be on display until mid-January next year.

For inspiration, here are the best entries from last year. The topic was social life and time spent together in the shopping center. Entries were invited to express what Westend as a community space means to them.

3rd place—Lara Ónodi-Belenta
2nd place— Éva Evu Szabó
1st place—Gyöngyi Giczi

Now you can have your say on a no less colorful, and especially crucial topic. Think about what sustainability means to you and show us how you combine awareness with creativity.