A pleasure to write, a pleasure to read | Favorite articles from the Hype&Hyper team—Part 1

A pleasure to write, a pleasure to read | Favorite articles from the Hype&Hyper team—Part 1

A good topic is essential for a good article, but it also requires a lot of research, creativity, determination and, of course, teamwork. After all, that particular exciting topic needs to be recognized first, interviewees often have to be “hunted down”, beautiful photos, creative and unique illustrations and many more things are needed to finally make up a whole. Members of the Hype&Hyper team are now talking about which articles were the most memorable to work on this year!

Here is the smallest wine collection in the country! | Borbolt a völgyben

This article was typically the case of “pleasure with business”: I really like the Balaton Uplands, the fine wines and the personality of Dóri Budavári—she always gets into something cool and exciting. After quenching our hunger in Kavics in Köveskál, with my “permanent accomplice”, photographer Balázs Mohai, and devouring a divine mango ice cream at Kő fagyi? in Mindszentkálla, we could not, but admire the landscape. At Dóri’s place, we felt at home from the first minute: we went into the vine, the huge reflector just fit between two rows. Later, Balázs flew the drone for some photos, and we talked with Dóri on the terrace. The sun went down and we would have preferred to stay until dawn to sample the full range. We’ll be back, don’t worry!

Kitti Mayer, editor, project manager

Scent and music speak the same language—Filippo Sorcinelli, the Pope’s tailor, visited Budapest

From the Instagram story of the author (Réka Vikárius), I immediately realized that something big was going on here. I immersed myself in the translation of the article, I didn’t feel like working at all, as I met an extremely exciting person through the interview. Filippo Sorcinelli works in completely different areas of life, yet they are all connected in some way. It is amazingly inspiring to me how the Italian artist organizes his life, his tasks, what motivates him and how much he does/has done in order to be happy and enjoy what he does. Perhaps I would like to experience my vocation in the same way: to go to the very end, to face the most divergent challenges, so that they come together in the end: in translating.

Luca Makai, translator

Artist duo | EJTECH

One of the highlights of the year was a glimpse into the EJTECH couple’s workspaces teeming with special materials and electronic gadgets. We found something on every table that we had never seen before, and that Judit and Esteban could have eagerly told us about for hours if we hadn’t been urged by the approaching fall sunset. The couple helped each other every minute—while Esteban waited for the camera to capture, Judit encouraged Esteban from behind the camera, and vice versa: while Judit was the model, Esteban entertained her. In the meantime, they also told us about their most recent trip and showed us their newly acquired books. After two hours of photography, we left as if we had just arrived… we could stay for hours.

Noémi Viski, author, trainee project coordinator

Is Meta the new reality?

The interview by Réka Vikárius with Árpád Rab, a futurologist, examines a current and interesting topic. It was also good to work with Réka on illustrating the articles. Deciphering and shaping who’s thinking about a particular topic is the best collaboration.

László Bárdos, founder, art director

Welcome to KUNSZT!—‌Veszprém’s new design store

The topic itself was extremely close to my heart because I went to high school in Balatonalmádi. So, on the one hand, it was a nostalgic experience to visit the nearby Veszprém, it was good to see the bustling cultural life again, the part of which is also KUNSZT! On the other hand, this was my first article for which a separate photo material was made. It was a great feeling to assist my colleague, Balázs Mohai, photographer, with whom, if only for a short time, we could shine our talent even as food designers.

Dorottya Márkus, editor

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