Polish and Scandinavian design in one place | Pufa Design

Polish and Scandinavian design in one place | Pufa Design

Dining, writing or coffee – a table can take many forms and shapes. This piece of furniture plays a crucial role in our apartments: our interior truly becomes a home once we have placed the perfect and carefully selected table, which may also serve as a venue for community activities later on. Now we’ll present a few clean yet specially designed, durable pieces from the repertoire of Polish Pufa Design. Which one do you like the most?

Pufa Design’s tables are characterized by a minimalist aesthetic, functionality, careful implementation and durability. Their peculiarity lies in that in addition to Polish brands, their selection also features Scandinavian design furniture and home decor items.


The round table made of solid oak was designed by Polish-born Iwona Kosicka. Its slightly statuesque shape and legs resembling rocks may also make us think of a piece of jewelry – at the same time, the table is durable and strongly built. This beautiful and characteristic piece of furniture is made for orders, thus customers also get to influence its final color and size.


As suggested by its name, the design of the Leaf tabletop is inspired by the shapes of leaves – the triangular bamboo panel outfitted with rounded corners stands on strong metal legs. The Leaf table was designed by Danish furniture brand HOUE specifically for outdoor use.


A classic, rectangular table made of solid-oak: Hven’s greatness lies in its simplicity, while sneaking some Scandinavian vibes into our interior. It can be placed both in the dining room or a restaurant, but could also function well as a piece of office furniture.


As already given away by its name, perhaps selecting this table is the first step, that is, the base in designing our home. The Base comes in black, white and natural oak tones, and mirrors the essence of Scandinavian design perfectly. In addition to its unique character, the piece designed by Danish Muuto can be used universally: it can become the center of our dining room, kitchen, office or a restaurant.


In the shape of the Avangarde table made of oakwood, a classic basic form meets geometric playfulness, while keeping the end result elegant and clean. It matches modern and bold interiors, but can work well in traditional environments, too.


This elegant and practical table was once again designed by Iwona Kosicka, and received its name after the special design of its legs. Its specialty lies in its star-like design, however, this solution primarily serves functional purposes: it allows users to place their legs comfortable under the tabletop. The Star comes in natural, black and white colors.


Split is your ideal dining table, once again designed by studio Muuto. Even though it is made of oak, its design and lightly bent legs still evoke lightness and ease – thus making it characteristic and unique.


The table called Sketch is not only clean, but practical, too. Its minimalist looks are the courtesy of its slim metal legs, and its exterior is completed by a bamboo tabletop. The piece of furniture dreamt up by HOUE was designed for outdoor use.


Polish furniture brand Nurt prefers natural materials, including wood, stone and leather for creating their pieces of furniture. What makes the table Kompas special is its oak burl inlay: the designer placed aa veneer made from a deformed tree growth into the top of the table, catching the users eye with the wood’s knotty yet aesthetic veining.


Its details make the table designed by studio Ton so extraordinary: its specially designed legs make it seem as if the tabletop was floating in the air. The piece of furniture made with Scandinavian simplicity won a Red Dot award in 2017.

Source: MADWhite

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