Rethought sportswear from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Rethought sportswear from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Nowadays, there is no need to separate chic pieces from movement: reinterpreted sports brands are becoming increasingly popular, with a special focus on sustainability and aesthetics. In our selection today, we brought together the regional brands that form a bridge between sport and style.

O.WOW  | Ukraine

The goal of the Ukrainian O.WOW team is to show the more artistic face of sports, thus the brand launches collections that less sporty women can identify with. It is important for them that the brand is not about sports but about women. The brand is constantly testing various materials to provide maximum comfort for its wearers.

Inbed | Slovenia

Convenience, softness and freshness: this is the slogan of Inbed, which is mainly engaged in the production of lingerie, and has recently launched its own sportswear products. The patterns play a key role in the new collection: the unusual checkered and floral textile pattern makes these pieces really unique, offering not only beauty but also comfort.

Lemiss | Poland

Minimalism and ease are combined in the world of Lemiss, thanks to which their clothes provide perfect comfort for customers. The main inspiration of the Polish brand comes from the closeness to nature: the innumerable shades of the sky, the deep green of the awakening force and the touch of the sunlit sand can all be found in the details. A conscious, sustainable, ethical approach is the basis of production for them.

320 DTLA |  Hungary

The story of the 320 DTLA is a true Los Angeles fairy tale: the brand’s designer and founder, Rebeka Lefkovits, studied fashion design in the United States and then dreamed up her fashion brand, which she has already implemented in Hungary. According to Rebeka, the mission of the 320 DTLA is to serve those who live their daily lives on a busy basis, yet want to look healthy and good. In addition to the tasteful look, sustainability is especially important to her, so most products are made from one hundred percent recycled plastic.

Moonholi Yoga | Poland

The Moonholi yoga clothes, in addition to being pretty, also look comfortable at first glance. Most of the clothes are made of high-quality, local materials in Poland. Moonholi Yoga places great emphasis on the triad of yoga, design, and spirituality, which are applied not only to clothing but also to other accessories.

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