#stayhomecreative | Christmas Eve dinner

#stayhomecreative | Christmas Eve dinner

We may think of many things when we hear the word Christmas: love, family, gifts, snow, cold or the well-deserved holiday treats. One of the highlights of the intimate holiday is undoubtedly the dinner on Christmas Eve—the whole family gathers around the table, the cherished festive tablecloth and the finest dinnerware are taken out from the drawers and the holiday dishes are lit by candlelight, one more inviting and delicious than the other.

In the latest edition of our #stayhomecreative series, we asked the creatives to show us what kind of festive dishes they have on their tables on this holy night.

Oleksandra Balytska | Ukraine | Instagram

Traditionally we have twelve dishes on our table symbolizing the twelve apostles, including, amongst others: Varenyky (dumplings), Kutia (sweet porridge made of wheat with poppy seeds, honey and nuts), Holubtsi (cabbage rolls), Borsch (beetroot soup) and Uzvar (compote made of dried fruits).

Alina Chiș (Rue Atelier) | Romania | Instagram

Schnitzel, cheese and ham roll, cheese balls, cabbage rolls, Boeuf salad, cornulețe (a traditional pastry), cozonac (a special sweet leavened bread) and cake.

Dorottya Kranicz | Hungary | Instagram

Fish soup with bread and hot pepper, cabbage rolls with sausage and sour cream, bejgli (traditional Hungarian pastry with poppyseed and walnut filling), gingerbread, linzer (a form of shortcake topped with fruit preserves), szaloncukor (traditional Hungarian candy wrapped into shiny packaging) and eggnog.

Barbora Kmecová | Slovakia | Instagram

Fried carp with potato salad, walnut, apple and wafer with honey.

Magdalena Kupiec | Poland | Instagram

Polish Pierogi, compote from dried fruit, fried carp, red borscht (beetroot soup), bigos (Polish dish of chopped meat with sauerkraut), poppy seed cake.

Vítek Mecner | Czech Republic | Instagram

Mushroom soup, fried carp with potato salad and an egg man on top of it.

Our #stayhomecreative mini series features creators whose work we keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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