Stylish gift ideas—a Regional Gift Guide for the holidays

Stylish gift ideas—a Regional Gift Guide for the holidays

How do we keep our loved ones warm even when we are not with them?  In today’s selection, we’ve brought you some regional gift tips that will keep the wearer stylish in winter. Gift ideas No.1!


We have previously reported on the brand’s collections, which offer a constant focus on quality, respect for tradition, and innovation. The concept of Ienki Ienki’s stylish yet specifically warm pieces is inspired by the founder’s roots in Northern Siberia.

Ienki Ienki | Web | Facebook | Instagram


The brand, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, is looking forward to winter with a redesign of old patterns: older sketches will now be featured in the 2022 winter collection on puffer jackets and vests made from recycled polyester.


TOMCSANYI | Web | Facebook | Instagram

KELE Knitwear

KELE Knitwear offers you unique and comfortable knits: whether you choose a sweater or a trendy beanie hat, you’re sure to feel comfortable everywhere.

KELE Knitwear | Web | Facebook | Instagram


The charming ESZKA was born from a love of patterns and colors. The products are made from materials left over from yarn factories, which are sure to brighten up your winter days.

ESZKA | Web | Facebook | Instagram


Good news for hiking enthusiasts: the technical clothing genre is gaining ground in the region, as well. Slovakian brand Zajo Outdoor’s collections provide hiking outfits for the whole family, and they also focus on sustainability by using merino wool.

Zajo Outdoor | Web | Facebook | Instagram


The Georgian knitwear brand combines luxury with granny’s cozy atmosphere. The brand’s founders are twin sisters Lalo and Nina Dolidze, who use the finest Caucasian yarns and beads to bring bohemian elegance to even the gloomiest days.

LALO | Web | Facebook | Instagram


Polish Pan tu nie stal, as we’ve written before in our favorite V4 plus brands, means ‘You are not here’. The founders of the design store didn’t want to open a vintage shop in the classic sense but aimed to sell the work of contemporary designers inspired by the material culture of the region. A special place in our selection is occupied by the ‘Block Scarf’, which is inspired by iconic housing estates from the socialist era.

Pan tu nie stal | Web


“We craft soft armours for urban wanderers,” says the campaign slogan for Cukovy’s exclusive coats in Hungary. The brand draws inspiration from everyday life, and the coats are walking works of art that warm up the coldest days.

Cukovy | Web | Facebook | Instagram

ëviköt x Verkstaden collab

Christmas is the ultimate family-focused holiday—everyone from grandparents to the little ones sits around the dinner table, and the same goes for the Verkstaden collab and ëviköt collaboration, whose perfect winter accessories were captured by Éva Szombat Szombat.

ëviköt | Web | Instagram

Verkstaden | Web | Facebook | Instagram


And last but not least, here are some of Gunia Project’s warmest and best products, from knitted balaclavas to scarves with pompoms.

Gunia Project | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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