The works of the Hungarian artists of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava exhibited

The works of the Hungarian artists of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava exhibited

The works of the thirteen Hungarian illustrators participating on the prestigious 27th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava are showcased in the framework of an exhibition held between August 17 and September 6, in Pesti Vigadó. Not only for fans of illustrations!

The 27th edition of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava was organized in the fall of last year in the building of the castle in Bratislava. As art historian Emese Révész, the professor of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts also highlighted on the website of the Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature: “The Bratislava Illustration Festival is a muster offering a review on the illustration art of the world from Japan to Mexico. It can hardly promise exhaustivity, but during its more than sixty years of existence, it has always put the artworks of illustration graphics also prominent on an international level and the genre’s novel initiatives to the forefront with a sharp sense of judgment.

Panni Bodonyi

The professional jury of the Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature musters books for children and adolescence ever year, and then invites thirteen creators to participate on the Biennial. Last year’s selection included, amongst others, András Dániel, with his Children’s Book of the Year award-winning picture book “ És most elmondom, hogyan lifteztem”, Tibor Kárpáti with this pixel city image titled Budapest OFF, Adél Várszegi with her illustrations made for her rhymed dinosaur encyclopedia, Diána Nagy with her paper theater leporello book and Panni Bodonyi with her illustrations made for the volume “Mesélj rólam!”.

Tibor Kárpáti
András Dániel
Diána Nagy

In addition to the inspiring and progressive illustrations, the audience can also get to know the books at the event, and can admire the award-winning international works of the biennial, as well. The exhibition will be complemented by a workshop for kids and a guided tour – for more information, check out the Facebook event!

Exhibiting Hungarian artists: András Baranyai (b), Rozi Békés, Lilla Bölecz, Panni Bodonyi, András Dániel, Alexandra Grela, László Herbszt, Tibor Kárpáti, Dóra Keresztes, Krisztina Maros, Diána Nagy, Kinga Rofusz, Mari Takács.

The program has been co-organized by the Slovak Institute in Budapest.

Cover photo: Alexandra Grela

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