The world’s most creative countries | World Design Rankings

The world’s most creative countries | World Design Rankings

The list of World Design Rankings is published each year based on the number of international design awards won by a country.

Choosing the most creative country would be impossible as there is no general rule to determine it. So, the actual aim of the organization is not to decide this question but to provide journalists and economists with an insight into the state of applied arts in each country, thus contributing to the overall development of the design world.

144 countries were ranked this year based on the number of A’ Design Awards their designers have been granted. The awards were further divided into five categories, with the Platinum classification being the most prestigious, meaning an extra six points in the final result. To compare, the score modifier of the Iron level is, for example, only two points.

The top ten are China, the United States, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, and Portugal.

Hungary ranked 22nd, the highest in our region. The infographic below illustrates how each country scored: the greener the color, the higher the score.

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