Vibrant and energetic: the colors of the year in 2023

Vibrant and energetic: the colors of the year in 2023

This year, Pantone’s color of the year for 2022, Very Peri, has been a real triumph—what shades will flood us next year?

Every year there is great anticipation before the announcement of next year’s colors. Even if they are not set in stone, they are definitely good for roughly projecting the interior design trends of next year. In recent years, all the major companies involved in this field have upped the ante and are competing to see who will announce their results first. This is partly inspired by the fear of accidentally proclaiming a very similar color and that a marketing campaign intended to be creative will quickly become awkward. This is exactly what happened last year: Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and several smaller companies all chose a very similar, close to nature, bright green color as the headline color of the following year. It was a huge mess, and it certainly looked like a PR disaster.

The element of surprise

An unexpected card was played by the competition’s best-known player, Pantone, who turned from reassurance to curiosity and energy, creating a completely new, vibrant purple shade called Very Peri, and making it the color of 2022. And they were right: the color has appeared in many places since then. It is no wonder that no one is being too cautious about 2023: they are trying to pick a color that is currently on the rise among the trends, but also somewhat surprising. Traditionally, Pantone will be the last to reveal its chosen one at the end of the year, but a trend report on the dominant colors of the spring-summer season of 2023 has been published in advance. Their list was based on statistics from the London Fashion Week clothes.

According to Pantone, these will be the most popular colors next spring and summer:

-       PANTONE 17-1563 Cherry Tomato

-       PANTONE 16-1544 Persimmon

-       PANTONE 14-1140 Iced Mango

-       PANTONE 12-0643 Blazing Yellow

-       PANTONE 16-0229 Titanite

-       PANTONE 16-6230 Andean Toucan:

-       PANTONE 14-4122 Airy Blue

-       PANTONE Electric Blue Lemonade

-       PANTONE 17-3020 Spring Crocus

-       PANTONE 16-2122 Pink Cosmos

-       PANTONE 13-4201 Oyster Mushroom

-       PANTONE 14-6011 Grayed Jade

-       PANTONE 12-0912 Tender Peach

-       PANTONE 17-1230 Mocha Mousse

-       PANTONE 19-3954 Bluing

Photo: Backdrop

These are the colors for the year 2023 announced so far:

-       Sherwin Williams: Redend Point (powdery dirty pink)

-       Backdrop: Yellow Orange (light orange)

-       Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

-       Dulux: Wild Wonder (greenish yellow)

-       Behr: Blank Canvas (off-white)

Photo: Dulux

Cover photo: Benjamin Moore