3 interior designers from the region who are worth keeping on your radar—II.

3 interior designers from the region who are worth keeping on your radar—II.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of interiors with aesthetic and pleasant atmospheres; where the colors, textures, furniture and objects create something that’s hard to replicate and can instantly influence the mood of the moment. However, when it comes to interiors, the focus is often on the project itself—here we’d like to reverse this. We’ve rounded up some of the top-talented designers from the region who follow unique visions and are worth keeping on your radar for more than just a successful project.

After the first round-up, now we will present a Hungarian studio, a Slovakian and a Ukrainian designer.

Bunkerdolphin | Hungary

The Hungarian Bunkerdolphin has stolen our hearts with its fresh and playful home interiors and cheerful use of color. The owner and designer, József Konrád originally studied architecture and then turned to the less formal interior design. The bunker in the studio’s name refers to intimacy and a sense of home, while the dolphin suggests freedom, playfulness and dynamism. József loves surfing, which is why he wanted to somehow incorporate water into the brand name. He finds inspiration from his surfing on the internet and his explorations in nature, but he also likes to draw on styles from different eras.

/Portrait photo by Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss/

József’s design credo is to create a harmonious contrast between minimal planes, clean solutions and rich textures and vibrant shapes. In terms of colors, he likes to choose bolder shades but always keeps an eye on the right proportions to keep the homes livable. In addition to Bunkerdolphin, he co-owns Lomle with his girlfriend, contemporary artist Zsófia Keresztes, where they breathe new life into vintage, retro junk stuff, not only to sell them but to use it as an accessory for photo shooting the completed apartments. In addition, his fiction novel A behajtó (”The Collector”— free translation) was published by Magvető in November. Interior design and writing thus go hand in hand for him, and he is already working on his next book and apartment.

Gyöngyház Street apartment renovation, Photos by Krisztián Zana
Bródy Street apartment renovation, Photos by Krisztián Zana
Tárogató Street apartment renovation, Photos by Krisztián Zana

Alan Prekop | Slovakia

Alan Prekop, Slovak interior architect and designer, graduated in Bratislava. His work is characterized by the maximum use of natural light and spaces that flow into each other. His favorite material is stainless steel, but he is not afraid to use well-chosen colors to brighten up the interior. Alan is also active as a musician, co-founding the band Purist and since 2017 a member of Bad Karma Boy.

I like to create spacious and bright interiors. Sunny interiors have different effects at different times of the day and year, with a constant sense of liveliness created by the play of rays and shadows. In my latest work, I focus on deconstructing interiors from the stereotype of separate rooms. I believe that rooms (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) should not be separated by partitions and doors, but should be more fluid and interconnected. The subtle transition of materials should give the sense of having entered another room,” he told us.

This design principle is perfectly reflected in the BYT I O project. ”The rooms are not defined by the walls, but by the space itself and the materials used within the apartment. In the center of the apartment is a supporting column connected by a concrete beam with a circular hole, creating a strong architectural element. The only separating element of the apartment is a wood and glass structure that replaces the original brick wall. The desired intimacy is provided by the smart construction: the bedroom is isolated by closing the wooden partition and pulling the curtains,” explains Alan.


Lera Brumina | Ukraine

Kyiv-based interior designer Lera Brumina is known for her intimate, minimalist apartment projects, but with her hospitality commissions, she knows how to break away from the rational and create real surprises.

I have been interested in the manifestations of the human environment ever since I was a child, and one of my favorite places was the local history museum, where the home interiors of people of different social status were displayed. And when I played with Barbie, I was always fascinated by the design of the doll’s house. Once the time came for me to decide what I will be when I grew up, there was no question about that direction, and I’ve been working in interior design for about ten years now. This profession has two main components: working with space and with people. Both the space and the client set out certain tasks, and I have to combine and coordinate them to find a harmonious way of expressing them” Lera told us.

Breadway Bakery

Bright color contrasts and textures dominate the bakery-café in the center of Odessa. Uniquely designed, extravagant lamps and furniture are combined with royal blue walls and glossy tiles to create a tight yet vibrant unity.

Apartment of 57 square meters

Apartment of 123 square meters

Apartment of 63 square meters

For the young couple’s apartment in Moscow, the most important aspect was to maximize the afternoon light in the interior. To achieve this, they focused on keeping the space airy, with built-in storage, free-standing furniture and light shades.

Photos by Mikhail Loskutov

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Alan Prekop | Web | Facebook | Instagram

Lera Brumina | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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