A gift map for adventurers | What to give your bravest loved ones?

A gift map for adventurers | What to give your bravest loved ones?

At first glance, you might think that it’s hard to surprise your ever-moving, hiking-loving family members, but here are a few examples to make sure you do.


When it comes to outdoor products, we must not forget the Hungarian brand, Ykra. The MATRA collection’s double-pocket backpack is the perfect choice for determined hikers, with a design that makes it a practical companion for the most extreme situations.

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The Bulgarian Vagabond Home brand’s rooftop tent is not only comfortable, but it is also based on a very conscious concept: its design, like the wing of an aircraft, minimizes drag and thus consumption, and thanks to the use of materials, it will not let you down even in the harshest weather. With just one move, you can be at home wherever you go.

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‘Back to basics’ is the motto of the Polish brand’s current campaign, which was founded in 1989. This also shows that Cumulus is characterized by a constantly evolving business philosophy and technology, bringing the lightest products to market. In addition to their lightweight, they can be a real warm accessory, whether you choose a hiking jacket or a hammock.

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A Hungarian sports brand for modern amazons—perhaps the best way to sum up Mari. We’ve written about eco-conscious sportswear brands several times before, but now we’d like to draw your attention to accessories. High-quality, caoutchouc-free, natural yoga mats for the boldest adventurers—both outdoors and indoors.

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Tilak is a real family dream: the first product was sewn by founder Roman Kamler on a sewing machine in his home in 1986 and is now made by Czech seamstresses using the most precise concept. The Czech family business’s main target audience is mountaineers, who have the highest confidence in the brand—making it a truly reliable gift for sports enthusiasts.

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Mokush, the Hungarian bikepacking brand, will accompany you through thick and thin. The company started in 2020 with the aim of filling a niche in the market for an affordable yet highly practical bike accessory. Bike in the mountains or around town, these bags can be a faithful companion anywhere.

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INDULJ EL!—Hype and Hyper

You don’t have to go too far from us for an outdoor accessory: the Hype store’s limited edition Indulj el! (Get Going!) collection includes accessories, as well as clothing items. Who says essentials have to be boring? The product line offers an axe, a pocket knife, and even a flask, which are not only practical but also highly aesthetic.

You can find the products in the Hype store.

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