Express your appreciation with a gift | Regional Gift Guide—mom edition

Express your appreciation with a gift | Regional Gift Guide—mom edition

We want the best and most beautiful things for our mom, but it’s often incredibly difficult to pick something.

We’ve selected high-quality, beautiful, and pampering items from the region that every mom will love, whether she’s a design fan or not.

Tiger blanket, VYF

The Hungarian brand, famous for its cool silk scarves, is also known for its great material, but we love its patterns the most: they are spectacular and fun. Finally, we can not only wear it around our neck, but also enjoy it in a blanket version on an armchair (and is a perfect gift for our mom, of course).

The Tiger blanket, VYF, €150

Eco mat, Pepe & Wolf

A little zen at the end of the year is good for everyone. If your mom isn’t a yoga fan yet, it’s time to show her some good stretching exercises. We love the Slovakian brand’s products not only for their energizing colors and patterns, but also because all their mats are made from biodegradable materials that have a pleasantly soft feel.

Asteroid yoga mat, Pepe & Wolf, €79

Natural skincare cosmetics, Alkmie

The Polish natural cosmetics brand offers a range of gift sets, so you can tailor your choice depending on your mom’s skin needs. In the picture, they’ve gathered their most popular products, which make up a four-step daily routine.

Care O’Clock Set, Alkmie, €134.44

Classic wallet, Chylak

Chylak has grown into a superstar brand, and founder Zofia Chylak is one of the coolest designers today. Fortunately, her products are still not extremely expensive and we can be sure that we will be wearing them for a long time. Even if we’re not certain which bag our mom would like, we cannot go wrong with a black wallet.

Big Classic Wallet, Chylak, €175

Jade necklace, Metaformi

Metaformi’s jewelry from Slovakia is modestly elegant, but its shape and color also make it playful—the perfect combination. The Split collection is a meeting of stone and metal: made of jade semi-precious stones and gold-plated brass.

Jade ‘Split’ necklace, Metaformi, €150

A plateful of Virgin Mary, Gunia Project

We’ve written about Ukrainian ceramics before, which somehow seem both traditional and innovative. This Virgin Mary plate is both honest and ironic, bringing the Christmas spirit without over-sentimentality.

Ceramic plate with the image of Mary, mother of Jesus, Gunia Project, €105

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