Cool designs for the little hands | Regional Gift Guide—kids edition

Cool designs for the little hands | Regional Gift Guide—kids edition

Even for families with young children, Christmas doesn’t have to be all about flashing, ghastly-looking plastic presents!

Here are a few examples of stylish, high-quality, fun items that will be a pleasure to look at even when they’re lying around the house. And what’s more, you can support regional businesses by buying them.

Artful board game, Marbushka

Beatrix Bohony’s artistically detailed board games are not only exciting, but they are also beautiful. The Lost Necklace, for example, uses Czech glass beads instead of wooden figures. In addition to board games, Marbushka also sells dolls, memory cards, and puzzles.

The Lost Neckalce, Marbushka, €40

Geometric building set, Kutulu

The designers at the Czech company Kutulu believe in the simplicity of geometric shapes, as children’s imagination has the power to transform these simple wooden toys into all the things in the world.

Brikulo, Kutulu, €96

Beautiful kids’ furniture, Wood Luck

If you’ve ever looked through five thousand pages of kitschy children’s furniture in search of a somewhat more unique piece, you must know, it’s no easy feat. But at Wood Luck, this Polish manufacturer, you’ll find meticulously crafted, furniture sets for anyone between the age of 0 to 18, with no fairy tale characters in sight.

Babushka bookshelf, Wood Luck, €430

Sweet little things, Malih Nog Naokrog

This Slovenian-Hungarian mum’s webshop is built around open-ended toys, which means toys that rely heavily on children’s imagination. Although there are several brands available in the shop, there is a separate tab for wooden toys made in Slovenia. Roasted Fox is a traditional Slovenian board game that helps in the development of logical thinking.

Roasted Fox, Malih Nog Naokrog, €30

Cool tights, MØE

The brand was founded by two Slovak mothers and friends who wanted to design soft, warm, and cool-looking tights for their little girls. Since then, MØE has started selling leggings, tiny shoes, socks, and warm winter clothes.    

Domčeky tights, MØE, €15

DIY puppet theatre, Hüglüs    

The designs of Eszter Kunos are a treat for those who prefer homemade gifts. At Hüglüs you can get detailed instructions on how to put together beautiful and creative toys yourself. A reversible shop and puppet theater combo, or even a dollhouse can be built using the designs that you can purchase by messaging the Hungarian brand on its Insta page.

DIY puppet theater, Hüglüs, 5000 Ft

Marbushka | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Kutulu | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Wood Luck | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Malih Nog Naokrog | Web | Facebook | Instagram
MØE | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Hüglüs | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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