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3 collections for the cold months

We have brought you the winter collections of three fashion brands from the region. Patterned dresses from Hungary, unique knitted cardigans from Georgia, and flashy feathered coats from the snow-covered plains of Ukraine are great inspirations for dressing up with creativity even in the colder months.

Lalo | Georgia

Lalo is known for its exclusive and extravagant knitwear: each piece is unique and handmade in Georgia. Founded by twin sisters Lalo and Nina Dolidze in 2012, the brand initially specialized in cardigans, but since 2016 it has diversified its range to include shoes and bags. Lalo draws inspiration from nature’s most beautiful features, the shapes and silhouettes of different flowers and plants. Bold color combinations are often embroidered with beads and embellished with appliqués in a more-is-more approach. The AW 21/22 collection, shown here, is a real trip back in time, harking back to the 70s style cavalcade. Constructive knit details, feathers and sequins take you far away from the ordinary.

Tomcsányi | Hungary

Dóri Tomcsányi’s clothing brand, founded in 2012, is known for its preference for drawing inspiration from Eastern European heritage, which she then uses to design contemporary pieces fused with high-end fashion. The brand is also characterized by colorful and distinctive printed patterns designed to highlight the intellectual appeal of the wearer. The AW21/22 collection pays homage to Hungarian wine culture. The prints include pixelated transcriptions of grapes inspired by a small country pub’s lace drapes and a psychedelic swirl pattern designed from grapes, creating a similar yet fresher alternative to the classic cheetah pattern. The garments are easy to pair and comfortable, with shades of purple, cyclamen and rust acting as real color therapy. 

Ienki Ienki | Ukraine

Dmitry Jevenko founded the brand in 2016, focusing on winter and ski wear. The driving force behind the IENKI IENKI brand is to combine the traditions of Ukrainian folk costumes with innovative technologies and silhouettes. The latest collection, Shearling, takes inspiration from ‘keptar’, a fur vest worn for centuries by the Hutuls, an ethnocultural group of Ukrainians. The collection’s reimagined pieces are made from soft and water-resistant Braille fabric and warm goose feather filling. The edges and pockets of the coats have been trimmed with sherpa, not only to preserve tradition but also for extra warmth. The summery ice cream colors make a striking yet endearing contrast with the puffy jackets and bottoms. The photos were taken on the snow-capped slopes of the Carpathians.

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