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Ukraine, the new fashion citadel of the East | TOP 5

Year by year, the presence of Ukrainian fashion brands on the fashion platform is becoming more and more significant. In many cases, fresh and contemporary styles go back to Ukrainian traditions, and they do so in the most sophisticated way possible. Our selection also includes popular brands in Hollywood and innovative labels launched a few years ago.


BEVZA is one of the most popular Eastern European brands, whose pieces are also worn by Hollywood celebrities. Behind the sophistication of the handcrafted pieces lies a deep, spirituality-soaked tradition and the designer’s own anthropological research. The muse of the latest collection, for example, is a 10th-century Ukrainian queen, Olga.


IENKI IENKI enjoys a similar cross-border customer base and popularity. The designer of the brand descended from the natives of northern Siberia, so this heritage is one of their main sources of inspiration. They are best known for their puffy jackets, but their product range also includes long skirts and headscarf-like caps.


Kristina Bobkova, a major figure in the Ukrainian fashion scene, has been a regular participant in Ukrainian fashion weeks since 1998. The essence of the brand is given by the provocation of gender stereotypes, the fusion of male, female and traditional Japanese tailoring patterns. The desired effect: the pieces radiate strength, confidence and femininity at the same time.


Designer Inna Grytsyk invites audiences to stunning trips every season. She designs sets based on the principle of less is more, which can be easily combined with each other. With her latest collection, La Souk, she guides us to Cairo’s traditional eastern bazaars, which was also the site of the campaign photoshoot.


NCYZIP’s concept of making clothes from recycled materials also involves the consumer in the creative process: the items of clothing can be combined in a unique way, and they can be assembled and disassembled at any time with the help of zippers.

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