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A double-sided label reflects last year’s difficulties on this limited-edition gin

The coronavirus has benefited no one, no matter what profession we are talking about. In the field of gastronomy, the virus has created a largely unpromising and questionable situation: a similar situation has occurred at the Asian restaurant Shamo in Łódź. This gave rise to the idea of valuing the presence of their supporters in these strange times. The special project, in which they created the restaurant’s own limited-edition gin, was assisted by the Unifikat Design Studio, also from Poland. 

The graphic identity of the fifty bottles of Fire Flavored Gin responds to both the situation and the restaurant, down to the smallest detail: the inside of the gin double-sided label depicts a flaming rooster symbolizing bad times, but on the outside of the glass the rooster is already running free of fire, leaving it behind, hoping for better times to come. 

Photos: Mood Authors

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