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A ring-shaped installation to make town squares safer | Air Square

AIR SQUARE, designed by KOGAA studio, is a mobile community space activating rarely used town squares by giving them a purpose and a vibrant community life. In order to solve issues realted to climate change, such as the overheating in our towns, Air Square provides shades for open-air green spaces.

The benches can accommodate a wide range of functions and programs, such as public events, performances, farmers’ markets, all with seating, lighting and shade. Air Square thus creates a space that improves the quality of life in our towns and enables a more meaningful coexistence.

The upper ring is designed as a shading system for public spaces. In response to the problem of overheating in towns, the ring creates a large surface area to shade town squares from the sun and cool them down. 

During darker hours, it acts as a light diffuser, illuminating dark parts of the town and making it safer to pass through.

Design: KOGAA
Photo: Josema Cutillas, Javier Antón

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