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A Ukrainian shoe brand representing contemporary femininity

The next stop of our Ukrainian fashion overview is a Kyiv shoe and bag brand: Hvóya is fresh, youthfully feminine and makes high heels attractive and comfortable again!

High-heeled shoes have been almost completely pushed out of women’s casual wardrobes in recent years, mostly limited to elegant wear. Hvóya’s mission is to combine comfort and femininity, with the goal of designing pieces in which women can be liberated, fast and agile. They pay special attention to the heels of the shoes with which they wish to fulfill the idea of a new femininity. In their view, this is a self-identical, original, confident, yet non-ostentatious perception. Of course, dedicated fans of flat-soled shoes are not excluded either, and there are plenty of such styles to be found in their repertoire.

The design of leather shoes and bags made from quality raw materials and handcrafted techniques returns to the trends of the eighties and nineties with angled vamps, block heels and ankle strap solutions. The pieces are basically refined, yet not boringly simple. In addition to the nude color palette, an exciting pattern and texture pops up from time to time. Customers also have the opportunity to place individual orders: they can choose the shape of the heel and the material and color of the shoe. The Hyóva Kyiv brand is also associated with a design store where you can choose from the clothes of Ukrainian fashion designers in addition to their own products.

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