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Bye-bye, spilled food—Uber solves the most annoying delivery problem

One of our big fears when ordering food is that it will be cold by the time the delivery man gets to our door, and another is that a large part of our lunch or dinner will end up outside the box. The latter is usually solved by most restaurants using large amounts of foil, but this solution is questionable from a sustainability point of view. This is exactly why Uber’s three-axis stabilizer system was developed, to ensure that food arrives at its destination intact.

The Korean-based designers, Min Ju Kim and Hyeonji Roh aimed to optimize the conditions for the delivery service. This has become even more important in the last year and a half, as the demand for home delivery has increased worldwide during the quarantine period. For the Uber Eats scooter solution, the designers used the principle of a gyroscope system, so the condition of the food being delivered is not affected by the tilt of the vehicle, as it remains horizontal and the vibration is minimized. This prevents the food from tipping over or even spilling during delivery.

Source: yankodesign

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