Look for these shoe brands in the region! | TOP 5

Look for these shoe brands in the region! | TOP 5

In the Eastern European region, we can find shoe brands at the forefront for half a century, as well as new brands that combine classic shapes with innovative material technology and bold colors. High, flat, sporty or Oxford—we know a quality regional alternative for everything!


The Kyiv shoe and bag brand has no less purpose than to bring high-heeled shoes back into everyday life, but they also offer flat pieces. The comfortable footwear, reminiscent of the fashion of the eighties and nineties, is made of quality raw materials and handcrafted techniques, and customers can also place individual orders.


Tel Aviv and Warsaw meet in the footwear created by the Balagan’s design couple. Their latest collection is worth mentioning not only for the simplicity of the pieces, but also for the environmentally friendly use of materials. The natural components allow the shoes to be composted at the end of their life cycle—the main components in the models are pure latex, organic cotton, coconut fiber and corkwood.


The enthusiasm and expertise of two Serbian sisters brought to life the ABO shoe brand, which has become a favorite of many with its vibrant colors and classic styles. They are made from high-quality leather left behind by big shoe brands, and the manufacturing process is monitored by designers.


At all times, in Tisza shoes!—as the saying goes, that is, the advertising slogan, which has been valid for half a century. To this day, the Tisza brand presents itself with modern and premium pieces, redefines its old classics with domestic designers, or launches models for the little ones. In addition to shoes, they also sell clothing, and you can already find a joint T-shirt collection from Hype&Hyper and Tisza.


The founder of the Hungarian brand, Diána Polgár, is looking for comfortable yet elegant solutions during the design process: the minimalist appearance of DYAN shoes is made really exciting by the ratio of symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, the surface play of the shoes and the incised geometric shapes.

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