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Breadpit—stylish bakery with a sense of humor

Only recently, a handcrafted bakery called Breadpit opened in zugló, where, in addition to the selection of wild yeast bread, puff pastries, and specialty coffee, special attention was paid to the furnishing. We have already found our favorite: a custom-designed tapestry by Anna Katalin Lovrity, which visualizes the motto of the place as a contemporary house blessing.

Among other things, Breadpit was born to make it possible to get high-quality, locally made baked goods, not only in the city center but also in the suburbs of Pest. You can enjoy breakfast or lunch in the modern and homely interior or the shaded garden. The owner brothers, Mátyás and Attila Ónodi Szabó, tried to avoid overcrowding the space by using the principle of less is more; therefore, they made the place memorable with a few distinctive elements. Such characterful pieces of furniture include, for example, Gábor Melka’s hand-painted counter with a logo designed by Eszter Laki, the unique globe lamps hanging above it, and Ábel Lakatos’ wood-fired ceramics.

For us, the highlight of the interior is the two-chapter weaving inspired by the saying “Return good for evil!” (literal translation: “If they throw stones at you, throw bread at them!”—TN.) Creator Anna Katalin Lovrity worked as an animation film director and started making rugs under What the Rug about a year ago. The contemporary weavings feature the artist’s distinctive colors and geometric shapes from her animations. Smaller tapestries are currently available, and large floor rugs will arrive soon.

On the tapestry designed for Breadpit, a baker’s boy balancing on an oven tries to throw a giant baguette back in exchange for a stone thrown at him. The irony of the scene comes from the character who is using the baguette as a baseball bat. The situation can be interpreted as if he is hitting the rock back with the bread. Because of the two phrases, the composition was split into two parts and installed on different parts of the bakery wall. As Mátyás says, it is not entirely clear that the two narratives are tightly connected, but it is a good conversation starter with guests because of its enigmatic nature. Kata has also incorporated the former watermill of the area into the composition, symbolically weaving together past and present.

Interior: Vera Vida & Ákos Turzai & Mátyás Ónodi Szabó

Photos: Cinege Photography

Anna Katalin Lovrity | Web | Instagram

Breadpit | Facebook | Instagram

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