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Grab your own Újpalotai Apartment Tower!

From today on, the selection of our online store is enriched with a truly extraordinary risoprint: this time, we collaborated with architect-graphic designer Boróka Felső, who designed the poster depicting the Újpalotai Apartment Tower for us. The print is now available in HYPEANDHYPER’s online store in limited quantities!

In early April, HYPEANDHYPER asked its readers to help decide which Budapest modern building gets to be featured on the latest HYPE poster. Five buildings competed in the vote: Déli Railway Terminal, the Endre Ady Cultural Center in Újpest, the OKISZ Headquartersthe Újpalotai Apartment Tower, and the Planetarium. The common denominator of all these buildings is the Othernity project, which raises the attention of citizens to the cultural values of our modern built heritage (in the Hungarian Pavilion debuting at the soon launching 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture, we can get to know the past, present and future of twelve Budapest buildings). Those interested could get closer to the buildings on the walking tours organized by the Contemporary Architecture Center (KÉK)—all five of them were presented in detail on HYPEANDHYPER. The importance and relevance of the preservation of our built heritage is proven best by the fact that the cultural center in Újpest, which is probably the least well-known building out of the five, has been demolished since: unfortunately, today we can only see the place of István Ferencz‘s former building.

Based on the audience’s decision, the Újpalotai Apartment Tower won the vote, and so Boróka Felsőstarted working on the print right on the day following the announcement of the results. “I was very happy when HYPEANDHYPER contacted me with the idea: I was honored to collaborate with such a fantastic team. I have been following them on their social media platforms and perhaps I can say that a dream of mine came true by creating this graphic for them,” Boróka told us.

The Baja-born architect-graphic designer has already drawn several buildings by Csaba Virág and Ernő Lestyán previously, and most recently she made risograph prints of the iconic LOTTÓ houses. Boróka also told us about her personal connection to the winning Apartment Tower and also let us in on the process of graphic design:

“I have never visited the Apartment Tower in person, but in this case this wasn’t a problem at all because there were plenty of photos and design documentations available on the internet in the required qualitywith their help I could create the print with ease. First I always collect the images available and then I draw the buildings in Illustrator based on them. Google Street View also helps, but usually I visit the site, too, so that I can have a personal experience. In the case of the Újpalotai Apartment Tower, the height of the building is its most dominant character, so it was evident that I would highlight it, that I would depict the entire building from ground floor to the top, and that I would leave some empty space around it, thus further accentuating its character. Finally I highlighted the gray-toned building with an environment made up of complementary colors.”

Boróka also told us that secretly she was rooting for the OKISZ headquarters cherished by many, but eventually she enjoyed drawing the water tower very much, too. It’s time to check out the fantastic end result!

Click here and get the print from HYPEANDHYPER’s online store!

The prints depicting the Újpalotai Apartment Tower are only available in HYPEANDHYPER’s online store in A3 size, in limited quantities. Make sure you grab your numbered print now, until stocks last!

Photos: Balázs Mohai

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