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Innovative structure system made of sustainable materials | Orsi Orban Design

Berlin-based Hungarian designer Orsi Orbán was inspired by the technique of weaving when she created her structure system dubbed MINTA, which knows no limits when it comes to shape, size and patterns.

With the support of the Worth Partnership Project and with the help of Budapest-based Makerspace.hu, Orsi Orbán created drawing-based, spectacular structure systems made up of thin sheets made of textile, cherry wood and walnut wood. Even though the designer reached back to crafts traditions for inspiration and the structures are compiled manually, she also applied innovative technologies, 3D design and laser-cutting in the course of the design and manufacturing process.  The visuality of the installation born out of a material experiment represents the metamorphosis between terrestrial nature and the underwater world, while the material samples accompanying the installation demonstrate the versatility of the modular system.

“In the first phase of the design process, I developed a 2D interwoven system that becomes three dimensional by assembling the modules and moving them. In the second phase of design, my goal was to create a pre-determined 3D dynamic shape that takes up the pre-determined shape by interlocking the 2D modules.”

The pattern, size and material of the flexible and modular systems received this way can be custom-tailored, thus they can be used in the field of fashion design, interior design and industrial design, too.

“I think the further development of the technique on any field of design offers great potentials, but perhaps it is the world of architecture and industrial design where it offers the most opportunities, may it be for space dividers, building facades or large outdoor installations, just to mention a few options.”

Photos: Alíz Ács

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