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Monumental crystal compositions: a collaboration between BOMMA and Rückl

This time, BOMMA presents its latest collection called Metamorphosis together with the long-standing brand Rückl. The new crystal luminaires designed by Rony Plesl combine the traditional art of Rückl with the exceptional technical solutions of the light constellations typical of BOMMA.

BOMMA is a young and progressive glassware brand that places great emphasis on modern lighting design and unique technologies and is growing in popularity. However, the tradition of the Rückl glass factory dates back to 1846, so it is proud of its history, its timeless glass-making processes, and the art of hand-polishing it represents. At the heart of both brands is a love for high-quality glass, design and perfect detail: this passion is also taking shape in the Metamorphosis collection’s pieces with sophisticated geometry and elegance.

The Metamorphosis luminaires, fueled by the glassmaking techniques and aesthetic philosophy of Rückl, represent a multi-level metamorphosis in shape: on the one hand, the crystal luminaire, and on the other hand its transformation into special compositions, all of which are associated with flawless craftsmanship and technical design. The new luminaires for BOMMA are based on Rückl’s iconic vase and candlestick collection, also called Metamorphosis, which Rony Plesl was among the first to create for Rückl as the brand’s art director. The intricate cut pattern of the pieces in the collection is inspired by the regular structures reminiscent of snakeskin, as well as the perfect shape of the crystal structure and the arches of Gothic architecture. Making a single crystal element requires several hours of total concentration and masterwork.

“The shapes, colors and especially the hand-cut pattern carry the most iconic features of Rückl: precision, sharpness and the geometry of every cut. All this, combined with light, provides an outstanding experience. Each component is a unique, separate piece that resembles the fruit of a tree and lightens any composition. BOMMA Constellation by Rückl is a real rarity in the world of luminaires,” said Rony.

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