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Natural cosmetics in a minimalist guise | IOSSI PRO

Conscious skin care means something different to every person. Some people like to use several types of products, others swear by a well-proven cream or cleanser. The Polish brand of cosmetics, IOSSI, wants its customers with special needs to find the formula that best suits their skin, so in addition to their classic product line, they have launched new premium cosmetics under the name IOSSI PRO.

Herbal cosmetics companies tend to focus on the quality of the ingredients, while less on the look of the packaging. However, in the case of IOSSI PRO, we can find a refined, minimalist, carefully designed brand identity created by the brand together with the Łobzowska Studio.

The main direction of the project is naturalness as well as body positivity, therefore the look and design of the products do not differ from the solutions already known by customers. However, the black-and-white color combination that bears the hallmarks of elegance and sophistication, as well as the aesthetically placed yet easy-to-read inscriptions, give the tubes a characterful, easily recognizable look.

Gaining the trust of customers is key to the brand, which is why the campaign featured women of different ages and different skin types, who are also the creators of the cosmetics. Thanks to the natural active ingredients and the many vitamins, even those with sensitive, allergic or problematic skin can use the product family with confidence.

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