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Pineapple fiber bag | Piñana Bag

What do cows and pineapples have in common? Polish designer Ela Lelek gives a striking answer to this question with a special bag collection: she was able to replace animal-derived leather in the same quality with natural material made from pineapple leaves.

In addition to traditional canvas bags, there is now a new, animal-friendly alternative: the minimalist and unisex bags of the Piñana Bag, dreamed up by the Polish Ela Lelek, can be compared to the original leather in both touch and quality, while the real raw material is completely organic and of plant origin.

The designer makes the bags by hand in her Katowice workshop from pineapple leaves using a completely environmentally friendly process. The surprisingly durable bags are available in several variations and colors on this page.

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Source: Label Magazine

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