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Playing with lights—the garden of the Wilanów Palace with special lighting

With the arrival of winter, the number of sunny hours is unfortunately declining. As Christmas approaches, the streets and parks are dressing up in festive decorations, but in the months after New Year, it’s hard to get ourselves out of the warmth of our home despite the cold weather. However, the Polish capital still wants to enjoy a refreshing evening walk during this period, so from October to the end of February, they would like to dazzle visitors to the gardens of the Wilanów Palace with special light installations.

From light sculptures made of thousands of colored LEDs to light paintings on the walls of a palace built during the reign of John III Sobieski, the annual open-air exhibition awaits those wishing to relax. The most important part of the garden is the 75-meter-long promenade lined with lights, which passes right next to the main attractions. Those entering the road are accompanied by a classical musical background all the way to the trellis, planted with grapes and guarded by eagles, where there is a summer residence built in the 17th century, covered in golden colors. From here, a path leads to the upper terrace lit by candelabra, where in addition to a richly decorated pavilion, the royal coats of arms can also be seen by the participants of the walk. The amazing visuals are complemented by quite fabulous elements, such as lanterns hung on orange trees, or sculptures that pattern like flowers in colorful light. The organizers are preparing for several surprises during the weeks, and in December the rose garden also opened its doors to those interested.

Photos: Marcin Mastykarz

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Source: WarsawInsider

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