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Practical and stylish backpacks from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Backpacks are undoubtedly one of the most practical accessories, because wherever you go, you can find the right piece for every occasion, be it theatre, work or shopping. In addition to the sporty, casual and elegant styles, you can choose the most ideal size for you, from very small city backpacks to large hiking bags. In today’s regional compilation, we took a look at brands that make special backpacks that guarantee to enhance our appearance!

Nobo | Łódź, Poland

Featuring a wide range of wallets, key chains, cosmetics bags and other accessories, Nobo has launched various types of backpacks as a more convenient alternative to classic women’s handbags. Available in Poland and many European countries, including Hungary, the brand also offers eclectic, more angular shapes, smaller-sized pieces and trendy, patterned bags.

Pryanik | Kyiv, Ukraine

In 2013, the Pryanik brand was born in Kyiv and became a true success story: the creators of the company, Andrew and Lana, in their spare time, started to make durable backpacks exclusively for their friends, which were so good that more and more people wanted to order from the minimalist style bags. During the first years, they worked exclusively from home, and nowadays they have their own studio!

Zoe&Co | Budapest, Hungary

The popularity of Zoe Phobic, the brand currently known as Zoe&Co, has been increasing since its foundation, so it is not surprising that we come across their simple, handmade backpacks on the streets of Budapest. For the brand, which launches a new collection every six months, animal welfare is a top priority, so only vegan leather is used in the production process.

Pakta Studio | Bratislava, Slovakia

The founders of Bratislava-based Pakta Studio design their products with ethical fashion in mind, and they also pay attention to small details such as the solvent-free ink they used for their latest unisex collection. Perfect for everyday use, the black and white colors of the organic cotton woven backpacks give a clean look to the unconventional accessories.

Playbag | Zlín, Czech Republic

Playbag was launched in Zlín, in the Czech Republic, and is still run by a team of seven people who take care of everything from design to sales. The small company puts the pleasure and satisfaction of their customers first, so they only make backpacks that their owners can enjoy for many years.

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