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Summer is also on in Eastern Europe, and the collection of design equipment is colorful and unique. If you would like to refresh the contents of your beach bag with a couple of good quality and unique design pieces, but you don’t know where to look, we will help you with this selection by presenting five products.

OO eyewear | Romania

There is something extra in the unique plywood sunglasses made by Prototip studio: the elastic cord, the use of which ensures a proper fit. This solution is especially practical for a holiday, as we can easily lose the glasses.

3LHD | Croatia

The outdoor furniture family of 3LHD studio, Umomokut,  was designed for sunbathing and lying down, officially for Mulini Beach in Rovinj, but has also been available in furniture stores after a redesign. The modular nature of the sunbed and collection allows users to combine the elements according to their needs.

Photos: 3LHD

Lazy Beaches | Poland

Born in Warsaw, Eliza Dunajska mainly worked in graphic design and then decided to start product manufacturing. She fell in love with Spain during a visit to Mallorca: her passion for the country and design inspired the creation of timeless linen towels that people definitely check out on the beach.

Philomén | Hungary

The Hungarian Philomén swimwear uses environmentally friendly solutions from production to delivery. Swimsuits with delicate and special tailoring lines celebrate the female figure and femininity alongside the love of summer and nature.

My ChoiceCroatia

In the Slavonika collection, all products are handmade in Slavonia, crocheted from natural cotton. Lightweight bags, swimsuits and hats create a feeling of summer, and they are also practical in the great heat of the beach. 

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