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The most beautiful bars in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

After a long, busy week, there’s no better feeling than sitting in the company of friends or family somewhere and having a cocktail or two. In our selection today, we took a look at bars that are worth visiting not only for the quality of the drinks or the downtown location but also for the stylish interiors!

Paloma Inn | Warsaw, Poland

In one of Warsaw’s newest bars, it’s all about futuristic design and creating an eclectic atmosphere: neon-green walls, retro furniture, huge mirrors behind the counter and, of course, plenty of plants. The Paloma Inn is not only unique in its appearance, but also in its non-everyday cocktails: in addition to the well-proven classics, the most popular is the drink called Green Bubble, dreamed up by bartenders.

Photos: warsawinsider.pl

Trianglo Lounge Bar | Pristina, Kosovo

This cheerful, lively bar had only opened its doors to the public a few months ago, but it has already become a breath of fresh air of Pristina. The special charm of the place, in addition to the bold use of striking shades and different patterns, is mainly due to the contemporary artists of Kosovo, who decorated the interiors with their creations. This refreshing variety is also reflected in the selection of drinks: there is almost no southern fruit that would not make a refreshing cocktail in any way.

Photos: Leonit Ibrahimi

Protagonist Bar | Kharkiv, Ukraine

The interior design solutions of the Protagonist café and bar in Kharkiv, also known as a gathering place for young artists and creative professionals, were dreamed up by the professional design team of the balbek bureau, which created an industrial atmosphere. Between the stripped-down concrete columns and glass-brick walls, guests can listen to a set of some of the city’s most popular DJs, sipping a delicious drink and sitting on soft armchairs and sofas.

Photos: Andrey Bezuglov, Yevhenii Avramenko

Pritličje Bar | Ljubjana, Slovenia

Playing with elements of Scandinavian minimalism, the Pritličje bar is a really good example of how to create a unified, simple identity with recycled chairs and cushions with colorful upholstery and a combination of black and white colors. As part of the project, in addition to the do-it-yourself solutions, great emphasis was placed on purchasing a few vintage pieces of furniture.

Photos: Leonardo Vimos Sierra

Blue Fox The Bar | Budapest, Hungary

The Blue Fox The Bar in Budapest is outstanding not only in Hungary, but also in terms of foreign rankings, and nothing proves this better than it being among the 500 best bars in the world. The defining elements of the interior of the elegant and sophisticated place include bright surfaces and dimly lit bluish filtered lights. In such a refined place, the ingredients of cocktails cannot be ordinary either, so in addition to the usual fruity taste, you can also find spicy or even smoky aroma drinks.

Photos: bluefoxthebar.com

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Source: ArchDaily, WarsawInsider, WeLoveBudapest, OpenHouseSlovenia

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