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The Ukrainian Laskarda shoe brand got a brown-green identity | Dmytro Khrunevych

Dmytro Khrunevych, a graphic designer based in Kyiv, works on branding and packaging concepts, among other things—most recently he created the visual identity of the Ukrainian Laskarda leather shoe brand.

The designer typically conveys the concept improvements made in his projects with bold elements and stylish typography, without neglecting strong contrasts and colors. Uniformity and recognizability are key to success, so he pays close attention to the target audience, market positioning, and all the details you may need to be successful.

The slogan of Laskarda emphasizes the impeccable quality and service they provide and the inspiration for the brand’s main commercial product. “Any trace begins with the contact of the shoe with the surface at a certain point and ends with the moment you lift your sole off the ground. These points (circles) are a key element of identity” says the graphic designer.

Along this, the rounded corners and circular shapes are echoed throughout the branding, and also in the modern, sans serif type logo. As for the main colors, brown and green were chosen, which symbolize the authentic and natural origin of the product’s main material, leather.

Photos: Artur Verkhovetskyi

Dmytro Khrunevych | Behance | Instagram
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Source: Design & Paper 

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