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Timeless design from socialism | Super Special Sneakers

One of the iconic Czechoslovak shoe brands of the socialist era was brought to life by a team of young creatives.

The co-founders of the Super Special Sneakers, Bulgarian Mariela Mitkova and Hristo Shiderov, saw the opportunity in sneakers after spotting them in a book. “While searching for timeless design, we found [the shoes] in an old production book and immediately fell in love with the idea of bringing them to life,” they said.

The former Czechoslovak Central Modeling Department designed the former Super Special Trampky brand, which was manufactured in 1951, as an affordable hiking shoe. The rethought cotton shoes are made with the same machines, materials and technology as their original version, but the designers adapted the old models to new needs and lifestyles—for example, they are coated with water-repellent wax.

In addition, the brand has launched a low-top urban version of the shoe that blends a retro look with contemporary minimalist aesthetics.

Photos: Super Special Sneakers

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Source: The Calvert Journal

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