From the consumer of the future to the unique vegan canteen | Piqniq Pack—Part 4

From the consumer of the future to the unique vegan canteen | Piqniq Pack—Part 4

The vegan diet is gaining ground, but can a canteen tuned exclusively to plant-based ingredients work in the long run? How can we run our business if the initial enthusiasm fades, we take off the rose-colored glasses and the challenging weekdays begin? What should we pay attention to if we also serve fish in our restaurant? How can a gastronomy company keep pace with consumer expectations? All these are important questions, and will be answered by Part 4 of our Piqniq pack series!

PODCAST: Consumer of the future: Guest demand—guest experience

Consumption patterns are constantly changing, and it is a challenge for any business to reach an audience. Do the guest’s expectations shape the restaurant, or does the restaurant need to show the way to the consumer to recognize what they actually need? How can a gastronomy business prepare if it wants to provide an experience for the people of the future?

In the fourth podcast of Piqniq Budapest, our guests are Endre Eölyüs, regional manager of Mastercard, and Szilárd Gréczi, who has been an employee and store manager of an iconic Budapest café for seven years. We discussed with them the question of how a business should keep pace with consumer expectations.

VIDEO: Canteen exclusively on plant bases: The Planteen—rethought canteen

The popularity of the vegan diet is growing worldwide among consumers. More and more domestic gastronomy companies are realizing that this trend cannot and should not be ignored, and there should be room for these dishes in the selection. The operation of a canteen using only plant-based ingredients, on the other hand, is a bold venture, there is no domestic example of it, and The Planteen team is an innovator even in Europe with the idea. In our video, the founder, the CEO and the lead chef talk about what they base the success of the business on, what they want to pass on to their guests, and what approach is worth getting into such a project with.

PATRON: Love and business—How do you run your gastronomy business? Business management workshop with brewers

Opening a business is just the first step in making your dreams come true. But what happens after the excitement of the first year? What happens if you take off the rose-colored glasses? Can you really sit back and let everything go its own way?

The owner and business developer of Mad Scientist, Tamás Szilágyi and Márton Sefcsik, will share their experiences from the emotional side of business management in a 2-hour workshop designed for 8 people. How to maintain enthusiasm in the long run and what can take your business forward in difficult times.

The deservedly popular Mad Scientist small-scale brewery opened its doors to lovers of craft beers in 2016, under the leadership of Tamás Szilágyi, among others. After the brand’s four basic beers, countless more exciting drinks have been added to the palette, many of which have also received international recognition. In 2018, Márton Sefcsik joined the team, bringing his previous marketing and sales experience to Mad Scientist.

HOW-TO: 6 tips to keep your fresh fish economically in your business

Well-prepared fish—whether freshwater or seafood—is unparalleled: a healthy, light and nutritious dish that works with minimal seasoning and cooking/frying with the simplest techniques. Provided, of course, if it’s really fresh! If you want to serve fish in your restaurant, you can go through Péter Palotás fishmonger’s list on the freshness situation; you can keep fresh fish in the kitchen much more economically with these tips.

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