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WOMAN BALANCE—the latest collection of AGNESKOVACS has arrived

The latest collection from AGNESKOVACS aims to create the perfect balance. It symbolizes the blissful, carefree state sought by all women who are constantly challenged to find harmony between their professional tasks and personal lives—work and family. The WOMAN BALANCE bags and accessories encourage the wearer to live her life with the courage to embrace the coexisting roles in her life, unafraid of the challenges they present.

Even if they sometimes clash, women’s roles in career and family can still be balanced—that’s the message of the collection, which includes pieces ranging from clean-lined, easy-to-pack handbags that come in handy for busy days, to smaller, sling shoulder bags and comfortable backpacks for weekend activities. This year’s collection also includes new leather accessories, bracelets and belts, which fit in nicely with the style of the Balance bags.

In the life of an AGNESKOVACS woman, who gave the inspiration for the collection, there is room for a career as well as for the family. And to achieve the balance she craves, the pieces in the collection offer a combination of sophisticated design and practicality.

Photos: Oleg Borisuk

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