Experimental ceramics | Siup studio

Experimental ceramics | Siup studio

Experimental vases, lamps, flower pots or figurines: we came across the creations of Siup studio on Instagram and fell in love with them at first glance. The strange ceramics with a raw vibe and of geometric shapes are made in a workshop in Warsaw. Let’s see the details!

Martyna Dymek, Marcin Sieczka and Kasia Skoczylas completed their studies at the Art University of Poznań as photographers, but they also wanted to start something together after uni. This is how Siup was born, named after a Polish expression urging to act; it means to start or to jump at something – thus also highlighting the free and spontaneous nature of the objects.

The creators strive not to be limited to a single style, but their object still have a uniform, raw vibe. Their hand-made, freely shaped ceramics are inspired by Brutalism, nature and organic shapes. “Siup’s concept is to experiment – we like to play with shapes, colors and thoughts in our objects” – highlighted the creators. “Learning the technique and the process of working the clay shape our approach to design. We prepare ourselves to try as many types of media as possible in the near future. It is also important to us to use eco-friendly and zero-waste materials” they continued.

If you’d like to get your own Siup object, check out the brand’s website where you can choose from several unique items.

Siup studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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