From Tokyo to Warsaw—Japanese UNIQLO opens a pop-up store in Poland

From Tokyo to Warsaw—Japanese UNIQLO opens a pop-up store in Poland

With simple lines, affordable prices, and good quality, you’ll find all the basics you need to build a wardrobe. That’s the secret behind UNIQLO, Japan’s best-known clothing brand, operating more than 2,400 stores worldwide.

Walking along Marszałkowska Street in the Polish capital, it’s hard to miss the company’s distinctive red and white logo. On 27 October, the brand opened its first pop-up store in Eastern Europe, in the Wars Sawa Junior shopping mall in Warsaw. The Japanese company does not want to be featured on the catwalks of fashion capitals, it simply wants to help its customers. Their aim is to improve people’s appearance and comfort in a hectic everyday life, piece by piece. They offer women’s, men’s, unisex, and children’s collections for all generations.

The brand’s DNA is based on values deeply rooted in Japanese culture, such as simplicity, high quality, and durability. Their mission is to represent the concepts of Shun (旬) and Kino-bi [機能美]. The former stands for best timing, a trend that is timely, neither early nor late. The latter means the relationship between function and beauty. UNIQLO has collaborated with Jonathan Anderson, Christoph Lemair, Francesco Risso (Marni), and Jil Sander to create some of the brand’s most iconic pieces.

“We believe that the Warsaw pop-up store will allow us to get to know the Polish market even better and develop long-term plans for it,” says General Manager of UNIQLO Europe Taku Morikawa.

The Hungarian audience is currently only able to order online, but they are looking to expand further into Central and Eastern European countries soon.

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