Green Bucket List in HANNABI way

Green Bucket List in HANNABI way

Funny and friendly illustrations with everyday scenes, helpful messages and to-dos that guide us how to build a sustainable and conscious way of life at our own pace, one step at a time. This is what the Green Bucket List created by HANNABI Manufaktúra is like.

HANNABI is already known for its friendly, interactive and custom-made sofas, in the creation of which customized and human-oriented design has a lead role. The brand has been intrigued from the beginning by the relationship between design and the environment, laying a great emphasis on sustainable solutions.

The brand celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and so they prepared several surprises in the spirit of environmental-consciousness. As a first surprise, they created a guide under the name Green Bucket List, which is accessible to everyone and which helps us in each month to gradually change our habits and move towards a sustainable lifestyle slowly, step by step. Each month sets out our to dos based on a different theme, along such topics as conscious water and electricity consumption, ethical shopping habits or the Zero Waste theory.

Year-planning January (Illustration: Levente Csordás) 
Although not in a conscious way, but we have built a green company from the very start: we developed the product so that it could be durable and smart, we talked about it in social media and brought it to exhibitions so that people could get to know it. We didn’t invest a lot of capital into it, instead, we let it unfold and find its market. This pace fit our rhythm, this is what is called slow building or sustainable company. The environment is also important to me as a person, I spend a lot of time in nature habitually, and so I wanted to collate my experiences and my creative designer approach into a publication, so that maybe it can help others see through the possibilities.“ – adds Anikó Rácz, the Founder of HANNABI.
Cost-cutting February (Illustration: Borbála Tompa) 

In addition to its educational nature, the Green Bucket List is a form of self-therapy, and the illustrations displayed in it have been designed based on a detailed concept: they have the necessary humor, this way resolving the tensions related to the climate crisis.

“I have already known the works of Levi Csordás, and I love his humor: this is what the publication needed exactly. He recommended Bori Tompa, the second creator of the illustrations, and we were very happy about it, because this way, the publication also got a stylish feminine voice between the lines.“ – Anikó adds.
Way-finding March (Illustration: Levente Csordás) 
Water-respecting April (Illustration: Borbála Tompa) 

The commitment of HANNABI is also shown by the fact that they organize a workshop series related to the topics of the publication, too. On the occasion of their next event as a complement to the March topic, they organize an anxiety-resolving workshop, where internal energies will be in the focus: taking into consideration the prejudices and fears related to the climate crisis, they will present different practical solutions as well as green trends and directions to the participants.

If you would like to get notified about the details of the event, join the Green Muse Facebook group created by Hannabi, where you can also share your own experiences.

Getting-smart May (Illustration: Levente Csordás)
Proactive June (Illustration: Borbála Tompa) 

The publication has been done for the first six months of the year so far, but the sequel of the Green Bucket List will come in the first half of June!

Concept: Anikó Rácz, Dóra Sós
Graphic designer: Anna Dubóczky
Illustration: Levente Csordás, Borbála Tompa

Do you have a climate fear? Facebook event
Green Bucket List | Hannabi Green Muse
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